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About Sidequest

Sidequest came to life as a project by mantro – one of Germany's largest and most successful company builders. Originally based on an internal need, it quickly became apparent that the story of personal ticket systems is still at its very beginning, and that we wanted to be a part of it. Ticket and issue tracking systems may have been around in tech support, infrastructure and many other professional areas for a long time. Now, for the first time ever, their power becomes available for every single user within a Slack workspace.

The Sidequest Munich office.

Munich, 🇩🇪

The home of Oktoberfest is also the base camp of our product team, and the place where the idea of Sidequest originated.

Why did we build Sidequest? We're a team of over 60 product designers and developers, and everybody has their own superhero skill. Obviously, we like to help each other to make sure we make the best use of our talents and can work as efficiently as possible. But, we also value having some productivity time to ourselves without being disturbed by peers dropping by our desks. That's why we built Sidequest – a solution that allows us to support each other while still giving us time to breath and be productive.

The Sidequest Zagreb office.

Zagreb, 🇭🇷

Our core Sidequest development team is located in Croatia, turning Sidequest into a truly European endeavor.

But I already use $aGreatProductivitySolution! Awesome! So do we at mantro (we use Notion, GitHub Issues, and a bunch of personal task managers, as well as Post-its of course!). There are use cases that these are ideal for, and you should continue using them for those. Indeed, Sidequest was designed to not interfere with any of these. The beauty of our app is that it is totally unopinionated and not fixated on any specific methodology. You can use it to easily cover the little requests that come up during every day and that do not fit anywhere else. However, our app is also but it's also highly powerful, enough to power entire helpdesks.

Essen, 🇩🇪

The historic site of one of Germany's most impressive industrial monuments, Zeche Zollverein, is where our Ruhr area team is based.

The Sidequest Essen office.

So where are we going from here? We are releasing Sidequest in 2020, a year of many unforeseen challenges and distressing ambiguity. However, one thing is certain: we're in it for the long run. We couldn't live without Sidequest anymore ourselves, and we want to get you to this point as well. We have many ideas for the next steps, but primarily want to listen to your needs and ideas to make this an even better product. If you want to talk about your personal vision for Sidequest, please make sure to let us know.