Development Task Tracking in Slack.

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Tidy up DTOs
No due date
Discuss In-App Purchases with Apple
5 days overdue
Investigate CircleCI and GitHub Actions
In 5 days
Refactor settings screen into SwiftUI
September 28
Rethink state management of menu dropdown
No due date

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But how exactly does this work?

Sidequest brings the missing task manager to your Slack Workspace.

Personal and Channel-Based Tasks

Send, receive and track tasks either for single users or entire channels.

Personal and Channel-Based TasksStore Tasks in a Shared RepositoryDiscuss Tickets In Place, Without Leaving Slack

Store Tasks in a Shared Repository

Gain a shared understanding of to dos and their respective status and deadlines.

Discuss Tickets In Place, Without Leaving Slack

We leverage native Slack threads, so you can discuss your tasks where you communicate already.

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