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Sidequest has been built from the ground up to be easy to use without a lot of documentation. Nevertheless, you may have questions, and, of course, we're always here for you in case you run into any issues.

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Discover how to use the most important features of Sidequest.

General Product Questions

How is Sidequest different from other Slack task managers and project management solutions?

Sidequest is much more than a task manager: it is your personal ticket system, enabling you and your team to track tasks in a transparent and efficient way. On top, it enables you to set up channel-based helpdesks, where Slack members can receive and work on tasks as a group. At the same time, Sidequest is incredibly easy to use and does not impose any strict project management methodology on you.

Is Sidequest suitable for my workspace?

Sidequest is entirely un-opinionated, suitable for a wide range of workspaces with their individual requirements, independent from their size. We therefore kindly invite you to give it a try – simply sign up for our beta testing program below.

Which kind of helpdesk scenarios can be realized using Sidequest?

Sidequest is a great solution for scenarios in which you want to enable a limited, internal user group to request tasks to be completed from internal service providers. Examples are IT, infrastructure, HR or office management helpdesks. However, Sidequest is much more than just a helpdesk solution! It also equips each individual user with their personal task inbox to help them work on the little challenges we encounter every day.

How can I try Sidequest without installing it to my own workspace?

Feel welcome to join our Sandbox workspace, where you can experience Sidequest without installing it to your own workspace. We're also happy to give you a tour – just let us know.

How does Sidequest protect my data?

Sidequest is being developed in Germany and hosted in the EU, one of the world's most restrictive data protection legislations. We want to provide you with a great product – we don't care about your confidential data.

In order to work, Sidequest requests a number of permissions from your Slack workspace, using official APIs. This is a transparent process, and Slack will tell you exactly what's going on. We will only save data on our own servers that is not available in Slack (e.g. ticket titles and descriptions) and not create any unneccessary caches. You can remove Sidequest from your workspace at any time, and as soon as you do so, we will remove any data from our accounts immediately. Details are available on our Security page.

To learn more, you can also refer to our App Privacy Policy and our Data Processing Agreement.

Using Sidequest

Who in my Slack Workspace can use Sidequest? Is Sidequest available to guests or via Slack Connect?

Sidequest can be used by all regular members of your Slack workspace, as well as single-channel and multi-channel guests. Members in shared channels (also known as Slack Connect) can use assign themselves to open channel-based tasks and participate in discussions. However, as of now, they cannot use the Sidequest App Home Screen, receive personal tasks or open tasks on their own.

Does each user have to install Sidequest separately?

No, you install Sidequest to your workspace only once. It will then be available to all users in your workspace's Apps list.

My users cannot find Sidequest in our workspace.

When you install Sidequest to your workspace, it may not be immediately visible for all your users in the Slack sidebar. There are some simple ways they can use to discover Sidequest then:

  • Click the + icon next to Apps in their sidebar and then select Sidequest from the App list.
  • Use the Quick Switcher in Slack (press Cmd+K on the Mac or Ctrl+K on Windows PCs, then enter "Sidequest")
  • In the mobile app, enter the Go to… input field and enter "Sidequest"
  • Or you can simply post "@Sidequest" to a channel or a DM of your choice - users can then click on that link and go to the app.

Once users have interacted with the Sidequest app for the first time, it will show up in their Sidebar. They can also add it to their Slack favorites, to make sure it always stays in sight.

I would like to use Sidequest in a channel to receive shared tasks. How?

In order to send tasks to a channel, Sidequest must be added to the respective channel as an integration in Slack. There are various ways to do so, but the easiest is to send a message only containing @Sidequest to the channel. Slack will then offer you to add the app to the channel.

Once you have added Sidequest to a channel, the channel will be available as a recipient when you create a new task.

How can I share files inside a Sidequest?

As soon as you have saved your Sidequest, simply send all related files to its thread, using the regular Slack file attachment feature. If your task doesn't have a thread yet, simply open one by using the 💬 button next to the message. Sidequest threads sync automatically between requester, recipient and assignee, so your file will be immediately available to everybody involved.

Is it possible to customize the Daily Briefing?

Absolutely! Check the Settings button on the app home screen. It enables you to customize the criteria for receiving a Daily Briefing at all, as well as selecting the time you want to receive the briefing at.

On which devices can I use Sidequest?

You can use Sidequest and all its features on any device supported by Slack, such as Mac and Windows computers using the Slack App or in the browser, as well as iOS and Android Smartphones.

Does Sidequest come with an API?

Sidequest provides a Slack Workflow Builder Step which you can use to automate task creation. Slack Workflows can also be triggered via HTTP webhooks, which enable you to create Sidequest tasks via an HTTP call. This makes it possible to integrate Sidequest into a wide range of third-party products.

How can I hide tasks from a specific channel from my To Do List?

This is a common situation – you're part of a channel, but not part of the actively responsible team, so you do not want unassigned tasks to show up in your personal task list and briefings. To get some peace of mind, simply add these channels to the Passive Channels list in your Sidequest Settings.

Subscription and Billing

How do I enter my payment data?

Installers and administrators can easily enter your credit card data from inside Slack.

Which payment methods do you support?

We accept payment via credit card only at this point. Additional payment methods are available for enterprise customers.

How can I cancel my subscription?

If you do not enter a payment method until the end of your trial, your subscription will cancel automatically after one week. Paid subscriptions can be cancelled to the end of each billing period (which is usually one month long). To cancel, use the Sidequest billing portal, located in the Workspace Settings. You can then continue using your subscription until the end of the billing period. Alternatively, simply remove the app from your Slack workspace or contact us.

Do I need to pay VAT on top of the regular subscription fee?

We are obliged to apply 19% VAT to all invoices, except for international businesses that have provided us with a proof of their business activity, e.g. a valid Tax ID. You can supply this ID in your billing process. If you feel like we have unjustifiedly added VAT to your invoice, kindly get in contact with us.

The Sidequest pricing model does not work for me. Can we talk?

Sure! Please get in touch. Getting pricing right for everybody is incredibly different, so we would be happy to try and find a solution.

We are few active users in a large workspace. Do we still need to pay for everybody?

While we know that the love for Sidequest can spread quickly, we know that our pricing model can be challenging if few people use our app in a larger workspace. In this case, please get in touch, and we will find a way.

How can I check how many members I have in my Slack workspace?

Unfortunately, Slack provides no easy way to display the exact number of users billable in a Sidequest subscription. An easy solution is usually to check the number of members in your #general channel (using the sidebar) and subtracting single-channel guests.

To get a precise estimate, install Sidequest to your workspace and then open our Billing Portal via the Subscription Settings button. It will present you with the expected net monthly subscription amount.

How are billable "Slack Workspace Members" defined?

Our standard pricing plan uses "Slack Workspace Members" as a payable unit. We have decided to use this metric, as Sidequest is automatically available for your whole team, and it allows us to offer attractive pricing for both smaller and larger workspaces.

To calculate "Slack Workspace Members", we use the Slack API to count all users in your workspace, deducting other apps and bots as well as Single-Channel Guests. Multi-Channel Guests do count, as these would be payable in your Slack Workspace as well. Guests in shared channels do not count as members.

Kindly note that due to technical limitations, we cannot apply Slack's Fair Billing policy, which credits billing for users that are inactive for more than two weeks. If you feel like this results in a significant over-payment for you, please make sure to let us know, so we can find a solution together.