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Run your office as a team, for your team.
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Add a whiteboard to room 202
No due date
It's too hot in the meeting room
LaserJet needs new toner
In 3 days
Parking space for my team
No due date
Very dirty carpet on top floor
3 days overdue

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Ticketing in Slack? How dows that work?

Find out how Sidequest can take your infrastructure team to the next level.

An Accessible and Enjoyable Interface

Sidequest is no separate app, but available right inside Slack with an easy interface for agents and requesters.

An Accessible and Enjoyable InterfaceA Single Point of Truth for Request DataStay in touch with your team, and be valued for your work.

A Single Point of Truth for Request Data

Don't get lost in Excel files and post-its anymore – Sidequest provides everybody with the same information about pending tasks.

Stay in touch with your team, and be valued for your work.

By implementing your helpdesk into Slack, you can make sure to be available at any time, without hiding behind corporate forms.

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Discover how to use the most important features of Sidequest.