Sidequest lives 100% inside Slack and fully leverages its functionality. This way, it is always at your fingertips.

Sidequest Features in this Category

Slack Workflow Builder Support

Sidequest comes with its own steps for Slack Workflow Builder, enabling you to integrate Sidequest into your custom workflow. Create recurring tasks based on a schedule, users entering or leaving channels, messages and emoji reactions, as well as based on custom-made workflow forms.

API Webhooks

Sidequest provides a Slack Workflow Builder Step which you can use to automate task creation. Slack Workflows can also be triggered via HTTP webhooks, which enable you to create Sidequest tasks via an HTTP call. This makes it possible to integrate Sidequest into a wide range of third-party products.

100% Inside Slack

Sidequest lives entirely inside Slack. It is not just a Slack integration for a separate service, but a full, independent Slack app. This comes with many advantages that make using Sidequest as secure and convenient as few other task tracking services. For example, you will never need to create and manage separate user accounts for Sidequest, as it uses your Slack user database. You will also never need to install new apps or get them approved by your IT department. Sidequest is everywhere where Slack is – on desktop and mobile, even in the browser.

Full Mobile Feature Parity

As Sidequest lives 100% inside Slack, it is available on all devices supported by Slack. This includes our full functionality – everything you can do on a large screen, you can just as easily do on a smartphone or tablet. And thanks to Slack's user interface building blocks, Sidequest feels right at home on any device.

Global Shortcuts

Global Slack Shortcuts enable users to jump around the Slack app with ease, quickly reaching any feature they are looking for. Obviously, Sidequest comes with its own global shortcut, enabling you to create tasks and tickets from everywhere, using Slack's quick access bar.

Message Shortcuts

Many tasks may originate from regular Slack messages inside a channel or a direct message. Sidequest makes it easy to turn those into tickets, using our Message Shortcut. And to make things extra easy for you, we try and pre-fill all fields in the Task Creation Wizard.

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