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We work hard to keep your data safe.

Official Slack APIs

Slack provides official interfaces that allow us to connect to their service and to securely work with your workspace data. Slack will tell you in detail what information we can access upon installation.

Reviewed by Slack

Sidequest is a published app on the official Slack App Directory. It has been reviewed by Slack as following best practices when it comes to Security, Privacy and User Experience.

Based on Slack User Management

Instead of using our own system for identifying users and checking their permissions, we rely on Slack for providing these services for us. This also allows you to use the SSO mechanisms provided by Slack.

Indirect Data Access

Users don't directly interact with Sidequest. Instead, Slack's servers request data from us, then format it and present it through their app. This significantly increases the security of our solution.

Automated Testing Before Deployment

Before we deploy a new version of Sidequest to our servers, it is automatically tested for stability and security. If any issues are detected, deployment cannot continue until they are fixed.

Encryption and Logging

All data sent back and forth between our servers, Slack, and yourself is always encrypted by industry-grade algorithms. In addition, we log every transfer to check for and discover any unauthorized access attempts.

Battle-Tested Hosting

Sidequest is hosted by DigitalOcean, a company trusted by companies like Slack, Docker and GitLab to take care of their confidential data. We strictly limit the number of external partners we work with, and only pick the best of the best.

Full GDPR Compliance

Sidequest is being developed and operated in the EU. Therefore, all our operations are governed by GDPR – one of the world's strictest legislations on data protection. We follow it not only because we must, but because we think it's right.

Where do we go from here?

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