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Roadmap & Release Notes

We are constantly working on Sidequest, with a lot of our ideas coming straight from your feedback. In return, we want to tell you a bit about the features in our pipeline. Apart from these enhancements, we're always hunting and fixing bugs and optimizing performance in the background.

In Development

These features are in development, in testing, or planned for release. Kindly note that plans can change, and we may decide to step back from releasing planned features. This list is also unordered.

Updated App Home Screen

Our updated app home screen helps you to easily access tasks using various filtering criteria.


Set personal snoozable reminders for tasks of your choice.

Task Importance

Apart from due dates (we already have those), set and filter by a task's importance.

Task Tags and Categories

Organize your tasks in tags or categories to make them easier to handle.

Released to Your Workspace

These updates are now generally available. If you encounter that they are missing or not working properly in your workspace, please make sure to let us know.

Start Dates for TasksSeptember 16, 2020

Keep tasks hidden until they become relevant.

Taking Yourself to the TopSeptember 16, 2020

We are moving yourself to the top of the requester and recipient drop down lists when creating a task, so it's easier for you to pick yourself.

Better In-App SupportSeptember 16, 2020

We are making it easier to contact our customer support from inside Sidequest in Slack.

Set Assignee on Task CreationSeptember 9, 2020

When creating a task for a channel, you can now immediately select an initial assignee, if you are a channel member yourself.

Source Message ReferralsSeptember 7, 2020

When you create a Sidequest from a message in a channel or a DM, it is now automatically linked to in the details, so you always find your way back easily.

Timezone-Agnostic Due DatesSeptember 2, 2020

If your team is working across multiple time zones, due dates won't be shifting back and forth anymore. You may want to double check your task due dates.

Customize Notification SettingsAugust 21, 2020

You can now customize for which kind of tasks you want to receive follow-up notifications.

Change Recipient after CreationAugust 21, 2020

Sidequest now lets you change a task recipient after the task has been created.

Permalinks Now Point at Channel Threads, if PossibleAugust 19, 2020

When you click on a permalink (like #1337 ) for a task in a helpdesk channel that you have access to yourself, you will now be taken there, instead of to your personal thread.

A Shortcut to Create Tasks in ChannelsAugust 19, 2020

When you use the /sidequest create command in a helpdesk channel, the recipient is now pre-filled in the creation modal.

A More Structured Recipient PickerAugust 19, 2020

In the recipient picker, we now separate workspace guests from full workspace members, bringing your most important peers to the top.

Reducing the Number of Notifications for AuthorsAugust 11, 2020

When you create a Sidequest for a channel that you are a member of, we no longer subscribe you to your private thread, reducing the number of notifications you receive by 50%.

Reducing the Number of Notifications for AuthorsAugust 11, 2020

When you create a Sidequest for a channel that you are a member of, we no longer subscribe you to your private thread, reducing the number of notifications you receive by 50%.

Changing Requester and Recipient after CreationAugust 11, 2020

It is now possible to change requester and recipient of a task after it has been created, as long as it has not been received by a channel.

Updates to the App Home ScreenAugust 4, 2020

We have updated the App Home Screen to look a bit more tidy, using Slack's new header components.

Channel Topics Appear in the Recipient ListJuly 29, 2020

The Slack channel topic or purpose is now displayed in the recipient select field, making it easier for requesters to pick the correct helpdesk.

Better PermalinksJuly 29, 2020

Task permalinks (like #1337) now take you straight to the related thread, if there is one already.

Quicker EditingJuly 29, 2020

You can now edit tasks straight from a channel, instead of having to View Details first.

A More Enjoyable OnboardingJuly 29, 2020

Our onboarding journey got a general makeover, working better with our corporate design.

Full Time Zone SupportJuly 17, 2020

Briefings should now arrive at the right time of day for users in any timezone.

A More Compact View for Completed TasksJuly 17, 2020

Completed messages now take up a lot less space in channels and your DMs, making the pending ones easier to spot.

Better Support for Large WorkspacesJuly 17, 2020

In workspaces with more than 100 users, all of them should now be available when selecting a quest recipient or requester.

Opting Out of the Daily BriefingJuly 17, 2020

You can now opt out of the daily briefing in settings, if that's your thing.