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These features turn Sidequest into an ideal companion for your Slack workspace.

Private and Public Task Tracking Right Inside Slack

Provide each Slack workspace member with a personal task inbox, and set up additional shared inboxes in channels – these are great for IT, HR, infrastructure and other internal helpdesks.

A Single Point of Truth for Tasks

Always have a shared understanding about the status of tasks so you'll no longer need to wonder: Is it done? Is it still pending? Who is looking after it? What's the deadline?

Task-Based Communication

Use the power of native Slack threads to communicate right inside tasks, creating a shared task history and reducing ambiguity.

A Truly Native Slack Experience

The complete Sidequest user interface is embedded in Slack, with full feature parity on desktop and mobile devices. There is no web interface, no login and no separate app to install.

As Confidential as Needed, as Transparent as Possible

Sidequest helpdesks can live either in public or in private Slack channels. Let everyone know what's happening, or keep the details among requesters and agents only.

Personal Daily Briefings, If That's Your Thing

Sidequest can provide you with a daily summary of tasks that either need to be completed or that are waiting for you every day at a time of your choice. No need for another push notification? Then just turn it off.

Full Customization for Power Users

Do you like settings screens? Good news: we have one, too. But if you don't, no worries: Sidequest comes with sensible defaults, and interactive onboarding for everyone.