Automatic Task History

In Slack, sometimes it can be challenging to track the status of a task. Chat message scroll through your window quickly, and messages may get buried in threads. With Sidequest, each of your tickets features an automatic task history at a central location. It includes all changes to a task, as well as all communication that has been going on between involved parties. This way, if you want to travel back in time, simply check the Sidequest task history.

Other Features in this Category

Real-Time Notifications

When you are waiting for the completion of a task, you don't want to manually check the current status again and again. Instead, you want to rely on an automated notification that pings you in real-time as soon as something needs your attention.

Sidequest solves this requirement by using Slack notifications. When you're sitting on your desk, they show up in your Slack Desktop App. When you are on the run, they can be redirected to your mobile phone. In any case, we respect your Slack notification settings, so you don't drown in push notifications.

Task Status Tracking

Sometimes, it's difficult to have a shared understanding about the status of a task. Maybe your Definition of Done wasn't clear, or you just feel a bit awkward following up again and again. Sidequest can significantly facilitate situations like these, by providing a single point of truth regarding the status of a task.

In Sidequest, the status of a task is stored in our centralized database. All task stakeholders (for instance the requester and the recipient) can see it, and when a task is done, an automatic log entry is being generated. Finally, everybody is on the same page.

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