Helpdesk Channels

When tasks require personal information or are simply not intended for everybody's eyes, turn a channel into a private task inbox. All users in your workspace will be able to submit tickets there, but they will only be visible to agents inside the channel.

At the same time, you can still use Sidequest to correspond back and forth between requesters and agents, without them having to join the private channel.

Other Features in this Category

Personal Task Inboxes

Many tasks are personal, i.e. they are supposed to be completed by a specific team member. With Sidequest, that's easy as cake: simply send a task to a any workspace member (or yourself), or even to guests in your workspace. They will receive a notification and can start working on tasks when they are ready.

Public Shared Task Inboxes

In many cases, working on tasks together as a team makes sense. Sidequest facilitates this process with public shared task inboxes. Simply add a to do list to any channel in your Slack workspace and allow your users to send tasks and tickets to this channel. They can then be assigned to a specific person, and their status will be transparently tracked inside the channel.

Task Creation Wizard

Creating tasks and tickets is the core functionality of Sidequest. As such, we have spent many hours thinking about how to turn it into the best experience for you.

Our task creation wizard is the result of this process. It enables you to record a new task within seconds, or to provide many details for more complex requests.

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