Task Dashboard

The Task Dashboard, also called the App Home Screen, is the ideal place to check your current task situation. It features a number of helpful views that allow you to see pending to dos inside the Slack interface.

For example, you may use the dashboard to check your To Do list, but also your Watchlist, which includes all the tasks you are waiting for to be completed. You can also filter by requester, recipient or channel.

Other Features in this Category

Due Dates

Due dates enable you to set a date at which a task should be completed. Due dates are visible for all stakeholders of a task, e.g. the requester and recipient. Once a due date has passed, a ticket will be highlighted in the user interface to ensure you are aware of it. Due and overdue tasks are also highlighted in Daily Briefings.

Start Dates

Sometimes, you may want to record a task that you cannot work on right now, but that may become relevant in the future. In this case Sidequest start dates are a great addition. When set, they hide tasks until the start date, allowing you to focus on to dos that are immediately actionable.

Task Importance

Task Importance enables requesters and recipients to define a specific importance for each task: low, normal and high. This is separate from the task due date, which symbolizes the task urgency. For example, a task may not be urgent, but very important.

Tasks can be filtered according to importance on the App Home Screen. Importance is also symbolized by an icon in the task footer, and used behind the scenes for ordering.

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